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Baby Snooks

Baby Snooks was a situation comedy broadcast from 1936 to 1951 on CBS and NBC. Fanny Brice, a very gifted actress in theater, created the Snooks persona. She played the impish little girl she envisioned, while Hanley Stafford played as her Daddy Lancelot Higgins. Lalive Brownell starred the role Mommy Higgins." Most noticeably, Brice started her career on the air portraying Snooks when she was 46 years old!

Baby Snooks show was immensely popular. Snooks quickly became the most clever and notorious brat on the air. In each episode, Snooks manages to give her Daddy a load of trouble and often outwit him in their dealings. With her signature line, "Whyyy . . . Daddy . . ," Snooks never fails to annoy Dad Higgins with tons of questions and an endless supply of naughty behavior.

Interestingly, it was noted that Brice was so immersed in her character Snooks that she was rarely seen out of the character in public. Indeed, it would take hours for her to come out of the part after each performance recording. Baby Snooks enjoyed a strong popularity for a long 15 years on the air. In fact, the show remained strong at Brice's death in 1951 after she suffered a cerebral hemorrhage.

There are 156 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Composition June 17, 1937
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Christmas Hat December 23, 1937
At the Doctors June 9, 1938
Mudneck October 5, 1939
Airport Meeting September 28, 1939
Wizard of Oz July 29, 1939
Heat Wave September 21, 1939
Sneaky Snooks December 21, 1939
Violet Ray June 8, 1939
Hugh What May 25, 1939
New Baby June 22, 1939
Rich Uncle November 9, 1939
Jealousy June 29, 1939
Good News of 1940 - Part 1 December 21, 1939
Cake Writing October 19, 1939
Psychoanalyzed December 14, 1939
Insurance Exam November 30, 1939
Gone Fishing June 1, 1939
Living By Dyeing June 15, 1939
Barking Rabbit May 11, 1939
Slapsie Maxie November 16, 1939
Abe Lincoln October 26, 1939
Golf Tea May 18, 1939
Life Insurance May 5, 1939

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